Accessories for oil separators

To improve the performance of the MAX line oil separators, we have created a series of accessories that allow our oil separators to reach maximum performance.

Filter for oil separators

The oil separator filter in steel must be positioned in correspondence with the oil separator, on the bottom of the collection tank. This is to prevent the waste present in the bath, e.g. shavings or other metal fragments, attaching to the belt, thus obstructing the mechanical parts and causing the motor to stop.

Pedestal for oil separator

The oil separator pedestal is a height-adjustable steel structure, which allows the oil separator to be used also in tanks where it cannot be attached using the universal clamp supplied as per standard with all oil separators in the MAX line.

Level switch for oil separator

The oil separator level switch, which can be connected to the gear motor, allows the oils separator to be stopped when the amount of oil recovered reaches the safety limits, thus preventing the emulsions from escaping from the collection containers.

Mixer for oil separator

The oil separator mixer is recommended when the oil separator is mounted on very large tanks, where the compressed air device is not sufficient to move the entire bath. The oil separator mixer is positioned inside the tank and permitting the emulsion to be kep in movement, conveying the waste towards the device and facilitating recovery.

Digital programmer

The digital programmer let you to set a break in the oil skimmer process. It has a control board, supplied with its box, and a digital timer. It is a digital programmer for 12V, 24V or monophase 230V motor and it has its own certification.

Digital timer

The digital timer let you to set up a break in the oil skimmer process in a really easy way. It has a 230V-50Hz power source.

Have you already found the oil separator to meet your needs?

Take a look at the models available and find the oil separator that most meets your needs or contact our sales dept. at +39 0363 82448 to request a customised model.


Download the catalogue of MAX The Oil Skimmer

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