The MAX line

We have an oil separator for all needs

Every machine tool, as weel as every industrial washing or treatment system, has its own specific tank with specific dimensions and characteristics concerning PH and temperature. Just one oil skimmer cannot adapt to everyone’s needs. It is for this reason that since the first MAX Band belt oil separator we have constantly invested in research & development, and now we can offer our customers not just one model, but a range of oil separators; one for every type of tank.


Our oil separators are designed and manufactured entirely in our workshop in Mozzanica, near Bergamo. This means that as well as the oil skimmers available in the catalogue, we can create customised oil separators and oil separating systems, suitable for underground tanks or particular baths, acids or alkaline, for which a standard oil separator does not allow satisfactory results.


Here below you can find the belt oil separators, disc oil skimmers and floating tube oil skimmers that are currently present in our catalogue:


MAX-RING_retroMAX-DISC-300_frontedisoleatori su misura

They have chosen MAX the oil separator