MAX DISC oil separator

Max Disc disoleatore
Disoleatore Max Disc

The MAX Disc oil separator is the disc skimmer in the MAX line. Differently to the MAX Band belt oil separator, its operation is based on a methacrylate or stainless steel disc, and is ideal for recovery of emulsions in acid or alkaline baths with particularly high temperatures. Like all the MAX oil separators, the MAX Disc oil separator also has a compressed air system, which promotes the oxygenation of the bath and speeds up the recovery of the emulsions.

The MAX Disc oil separator is available in two versions:

  • MAX DISC 300 (extraction depth about 115 mm– disc diameter 320 mm)
  • MAX DISC 500 (extraction depth about 240 mm – disc diameter 520 mm)

Doesn’t the MAX Disc oil separator meet your emulsions recycling needs?

Take a look at the other models available and find the oil separator that most meets your needs or contact our sales dept. at + 39 0363 82448 to request a customised model.


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