Managing the oil separators

The MAX oil separator does not require a lot of maintenance. It is installed easily, operates simultaneously with the machine tool on which it is installed and, thanks to the materials used, lasts longer with respect to other oil separators found on the market.


Nevertheless, in order to help our customers with the oil skimmer maintenance, we offer also an after-sales service, to ensure that the oil separators we have manufactured solve the recovery problems of waste oils and emulsions in our customer’s mechanical workshops at all times.


Standard maintenance of the oil separators

Regarding the routine maintenance of the oil separators, we organised interventions every three or four months, depending on customer needs. Our trained and skilled staff will check correct operation of the oil separators installed and will perform any repair interventions directly at your establishment.

Spare parts for oil separators

In our workshop you will find all original and guaranteed spare parts for MAX oil separator always available, in order to maintain at a high level over time the performance of the devices purchased.

Extraordinary maintenance of the oil separators

If your MAX Line oil separator should malfunction, we offer an extraordinary maintenance service and we will repair your oil separator in a very short time.


Ask more information about Max Oil Skimmer maintenance.

Have you already found the oil separator to meet your needs?

Take a look at the models available and find the oil separator that most meets your needs or contact our sales dept. at +39 0363 82448 to request a customised model.