The Oil Separator

The oil separator, an essential device for the separation of oils and drags into working baths

The emulsions used during the machining processes stagnate and release unpleasant smells, worsening the workshop environment and the machines’ conditions. The oil skimmer, thanks to the compressed air system, puts an end to the problem of the emulsions in a simple, practical and quick way; guaranteeing constant and continuous cleaning of the collection tanks of emulsions.


What are the real advantages of an oil separator?

The MAX oil skimmer, cleaning emulsions from oils and slags, guarantees a great saving concerning the disposal of waste oil, it extends the duration of the machining fluids, it slows down wear of the machine tools, it keeps high the quality of the worked products and it facilitates the respect of environmental and work security law.

SISTEMA-DI-OSSIGENAZIONE-(1)Why is the MAX oil separator different from the other oil separators on the market?

The MAX oil separator distinguishes itself from the other oil separators on the market because it has an innovative compressed air system, which allows the liquid in the tank to be kept oxygenated, thus preventing the formation of bacteria and, at the same time, facilitates the conveying of waste towards the oil skimmer. The MAX oil separator is designed and manufactured completely in Italy. Continuous research into CE-based materials and components allows us to meet the particular needs of every single customer.

The MAX Oil Skimmers are built in compliance with CE regulations and essential safety and health requirements.


For which machines is the oil separator suitable?

The oil separator adapts to the tanks of machine tools (lathes, cnc machining centres, milling machines, grinding machines,….) but it can also be applied to the tanks of the industrial washing machines, as well as to thermal and surface treatment plants or industrial water treatment plants.

We propose you the most suitable application for any type of emulsion.


Which types of oil separator are available?

The MAX oil separators line envisions belt oil skimmer, disc oil separator and floating tube oil skimmer, all available in the catalogue. Since we produce the oil separatorS directly at our establishment, we can also manufacture customised oil separators studied especially for all different needs, able to recover the oils and emulsions also from tanks that are particularly awkward to reach and with baths containing particularly acid or alkaline substances even in high temperature.

Are the MAX line oil separators strong?

The MAX line oil separators are manufactured using top quality materials, as Inox steel (304, 316 and, in some particular cases, also Hastelloy), PVC and Aluminium, that means long duration and resistance also to aggressive substances and high temperature that you can have in some emulsions. Our oil separators only require routine maintenance, which does not cause machine downtimes and can be performed by internal staff or by our staff for specific needs.

Do you also have to face the problem of emulsions in the machining centre tanks and mechanical piece washing systems every day?

Visit the MAX lines section to discover the most suitable oil separator for your needs, or contact our sales dept. at +39 0363 82448 to evaluate an ad hoc solution for your workshop together.